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Additive Parts

  • 1kg Natural PLA 1.75 mm Certified Filament

    Natural PLA filament from Toner Plastics is certified for your SAAM 3D printer, with print settings specifically calibrated for the batch you receive. Printing and removal results achieved with certified filament are covered under Basic and Premium SAAM...

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  • Buildtak Sheets

    Buildtak Sheets

    Buildtak is the build surface used for the CI SAAM and is the premier surface for FFF 3D printers. It holds your object in place for the duration of the print and then allows clean and easy removal. Key Features: 251mm x 210mm to match the CI SAAM...

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  • SAAM Extruder

    SAAM Extruder

    The CI SAAM extruder is specially customized for reliability and flexibility. Key Features: Bulldog XL motor with NEMA 17 5:1 gear box and precision hob Re-assembled in-house for optimal precision Custom cabling enables easy installation to SAAM...

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  • SAAM Hot End Assembly

    SAAM Hot End Assembly

    The complete CI SAAM hot end assembly is specially customized for reliability and easy installation. Key Features: 0.40mm brass nozzle for 1.75mm filament Nozzle is heat tightened in house to avoid slipping Custom thermistor with operating range up...

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